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    On the Move


    Vanessa and Adam interview

    How two adventurous Canadians found freedom in their new nomadic lifestyle and gained perspective on what really matters in life. Along the way, they learned how to convert a van into a home, created a youtube channel, started a blog, wrote a book, and now through their van conversion business help other dreamers get on the road. Get all the deets in their "On the Move" interview. 

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    Kristin Holden does an interview with Maca and shares her vanlife story

    How an auditor convinced her corporate manager to let her work remotely and follow her love of travel. She then sold her 2-story home, moved into a converted Ford Transit and set out to visit all 50 states with her two furry companions. Step into a day on the road with Kristin Holden as she tells us about her triumphs and struggles as a solo female traveler and how she learned to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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    Holly from bus goblin does interview with Maca

    At age 24, Holly Williams decided to make a big change in her life and leave her sleepy hometown on Long Island, buy a 2001 school bus on Ebay, and travel the USA while doing what she loves best, creating badass art. Hunkered down during the pandemic in Moab, Utah, Holly agreed to tell us about everything from overcoming the naysayers that told her she "couldn't do it" to surviving a bus breakdown on one of the busiest bridges in NYC. 

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    Emma Goes does an interview with Maca about vanlife

    How Emma Niderno couldn't shake the romantic idea of being a vagabond and at the age of 24 bought herself a 1997 Ford Econoline and now travels the USA fulltime as a yoga teacher, reiki healer, and tarot reader. Emma tells us about her favorite destinations and what it's been like to weather the challenges of COVID-19 on the road. 

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    Mikah Meyer does an interview with Maca about 3 years living in a van.
    11 years after his road-trip-loving father passed away, Mikah decided to pack his essentials into a van and spend the next 3 years traveling to every National Monument, National Seashore, National Preserve and all 20+ designations that make up the 419 National Park Service sites spread across all 56 states & territories, WOAH! Mikah talks candidly about his struggle to find other LGBTQ+ people in the #vanlife movement and in the wider outdoor industry overall. He has now given over 150 speeches around the country, been featured on the Today Show, and proudly became the first openly gay man featured in an outdoors recreation campaign as part of REI's #OptOustide promotion.

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    Amber and Chris from always the adventure do interview with Maca

    How two rock climbing dirtbags spent 9 months converting a Dodge Promaster into their home-on-wheels and now spend their days chasing the perfect rock face and "sending temps". The lifestyle is not all sunshine and roses though, from fending of sketchy strangers opening up their van door in the middle of the night to dealing with the vanlife stigma. Amber and Chris spill the beans in their full interview. 

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