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    On the Move


    Interview with Maca - Leave the map

    Anna and James left their two full-time jobs back in Los Angeles to pursue a life filled with adventure on the road; from gazing up at the milky way in Big Bend National Park to sleeping in Walmart parking lots. Anna and James tell us their highlights and lowlights of vanlife and how they have used their professional skills to build a sustainable business in photography, video production, and digital courses. They also need YOUR ADVICE on van heating and WiFi, (so go help them out in the article comments!)

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    C'est La Vie Three interview with Maca about Vanlife

    After going through a major health scare, high school sweethearts Alan and Heather said screw "retirement" and decided there is no better time than NOW to travel this wonderful world. Originally from Georgia, this family of four have been part-time RVers, full-time RVers, and now have been living in Europe for three years and seen sixteen countries! Heather tells us what its like to sleep under a gondola in Andorra nestled along the snowy French Alps and what its like to teach her boys history as they LITERALLY travel through it!

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    Two Roaming souls does interview with Maca about Vanlife

    Jake and Emily took a big left turn that took them away from their conventional lives and straight towards Facebook Marketplace, where they found and bought a 2010 Ford E-350 van. It took two months of working 7 days a week to turn the van into a liveable home, and they both came out with a second college degree in "Van Building". Emily and Jake not only tell us what a day on the road is like but also what 5 days is like stuck in a snowstorm in the Uinta mountains of Utah with limited power and food. Oh.. and for all you expert Vanlifers, Emily and Jake have a few nerdy questions about "Reflectix" that they need your help with (use the blog comments to answer their questions).

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    Kathryn Bird interviews with Maca about traveling Europe in a Motorhome

    After years of helping other travelers as an Air Traffic Controller, Kathryn Bird decided to do some traveling herself, but instead of in a plane, she's wandering all of Europe in her Swift 685 motorhome with her husband. Kathryn describes the feeling of freedom and also the feeling of sheer terror when their brakes failed coming down a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Find out Kathryn's top 3 favorite places she has been to so far. 

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    Yurena and Philipp Vanlife journey

    Meet the German couple, Yurena and Philipp, who are about to hit the road and travel through France, Spain and then Portugal where they'll hop on a ferry to the Canary Islands. They will island hop their way to their final destination, Tenerife, where they plan live by the sea and soak up the local way of life. Read how they have prepped for this long haul and learn how to get back to living a simpler kind of life - "Volver a lo Simple". 

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    Alex and Nikki's vanlife life and talk about it in a Maca Interview

    Meet Nikki and Alex who live in their self-converted camper van named Captain Olivia Benson, Manhattan SVU (yes, she has a full name). If you asked them how they first met, they'd tell you.. "during someone else's Tinder date." If you asked them to name one of their favorite things about living in a van, they'd say... "being able to reach the fridge while laying in bed." Nikki and Alex will surely make you crack a smile as they take you on their vanlife journey while also giving you some critical advice that you won't want to miss!

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