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    On the Move


    Emma Goes vanlife and statistics traveling and living on the road

    How Emma Niderno couldn't shake the romantic idea of being a vagabond and at the age of 24 bought herself a 1997 Ford Econoline and now travels the USA fulltime as a yoga teacher, reiki healer, and tarot reader. Emma tells us about her favorite destinations and what it's been like to weather the challenges of COVID-19 on the road. 

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    Mikah Meyer does an interview with Maca about 3 years living in a van.
    11 years after his road-trip-loving father passed away, Mikah decided to pack his essentials into a van and spend the next 3 years traveling to every National Monument, National Seashore, National Preserve and all 20+ designations that make up the 419 National Park Service sites spread across all 56 states & territories, WOAH! Mikah talks candidly about his struggle to find other LGBTQ+ people in the #vanlife movement and in the wider outdoor industry overall. He has now given over 150 speeches around the country, been featured on the Today Show, and proudly became the first openly gay man featured in an outdoors recreation campaign as part of REI's #OptOustide promotion.

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    Always the adventure, Amber and Chris, homeiswhereyouparkit, Rock Climbers, vanlife interview

    How two rock climbing dirtbags spent 9 months converting a Dodge Promaster into their home-on-wheels and now spend their days chasing the perfect rock face and "sending temps". The lifestyle is not all sunshine and roses though, from fending of sketchy strangers opening up their van door in the middle of the night to dealing with the vanlife stigma. Amber and Chris spill the beans in their full interview. 

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    Camille and Bryce give an interview with Maca about their Full-time RVing experience

    After 20 years of the same routine: get up, go to work, come home, recover from work, shove food in mouth, pay the bills, and get up the next day to do it again, Camille and Bryce decided to drop it all, wipe it clean, and live a new life on the road full-time in their RV. What could go wrong? In this interview, Camille describes how they went from first feeling fear and doubt about their decision to then finding a place in the RV community and now they run a 100% digital business training and coaching other people on remote work and remote business. 

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    Reggie and Monica on their RV and Airstream journey. Interview and Story of their life.

    Sometimes things have to crumble to be rebuilt the way you really want. After his relationship fell apart, Reggie picked up the pieces, embraced his inner nomad, and hit the road. Along the way, Reggie met fellow nomad Monica and now together they call their Airstream home and North America their backyard. Find out how their path has led them to releasing a hilarious youtube mini-series, telling their tales via podcast, and capturing mind-blowing photos of their most memorable moments.

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    The Simpson Family and their RVing journey to 2020

    Jennie and Jerl sold away their suburbia family life, bought an RV, and took off to explore the country and show their three boys a different kind of American Dream. They share what it's like to live in 49 different states and give us tips on how to jam a 5 person family into a 39 foot RV and enjoy every moment of it (well.. almost every moment). 

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