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    On the Move


    Vincentvanlife with Seb and Rose, They tell their story in 2020

    How Seb was convinced by his girlfriend Rose to leave their terraced house, get rid of all their possessions, and embark on a new van life journey. After teaching themselves to convert a van into a glorious 80 square foot home, they took off to explore the edges of Europe and the rest of the world. 

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    General stats on Nick and Jessica's school bus journey 2020

    A 3 year project to convert a school bus into their home on wheels. Jessica and Nick now roam the USA, stopping for some epic hiking, skydiving, mountain biking and skiiing. All the while, making award winning films and having dance parties on the roof of their blue bus. Too much to cover with these two... just read it. 

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    Karen from New Zealand Traveling RVing 2020

    The ups and downs of "solo" RVing through New Zealand. From learning how to dispose of her "grey water" to building up a successful Youtube Channel, Karen gets real with us about the past 3 years of her life.

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    Sydney Vanlife summary

    How Sydney went from working a soul-sucking 70-80 hours a week as a restaurant manager to living full-time in a van with her two pups, starting a killer podcast, and supporting her life of roaming the USA.

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    Alyssa and Heath in front of their RV

    Heath and Alyssa left their desk jobs and bought 1994 motorhome. 50 states later, they have been featured on CNN, Forbes, and People, built multiple businesses, and now have a baby DAUGHTER joining them on the road.

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    Interview with Andrew Muse. On the move since 2009 and lives now in his DIY truck camper. Talks about Vanlife, his ups and downs and highlights.

    How Andrew Muse overcame a tragic car accident, travels the USA creating content for brands like GoPro and Travel Channel, and lives full-time in his built-from-scratch Muse Roamer.

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