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    99 Problems and Pirates were One of Them

    99 Problems and Pirates were One of Them

    Imagine running up to this corner turret in 1663 and sticking your rifle through the tiny hole. 💥 Boom! Your desperately firing shots at the fast approaching pirates who have big dollar signs in their eyes. The pirates have one mission, to raid the City of Campeche of all its wealth. The 150-strong Spanish militia was no match to the 1,000 pirates running up the shore. After a 2-hour long battle, the Spanish officials finally surrendered. Today, Campeche has conserved a large amount of the original perimeter wall that once fortified the old Spanish town. This is a must see if you are ever in Campeche. Photo credit goes to Chris Hancock.

    A Must Try Dish - Trust Me

    A Must Try Dish - Trust Me

    At first glance this might not look all that appetizing but you’d be terribly mistaken. Platanos fritos con queso y crema. Top 5 favorite dishes of all time without a doubt. Fried plantains with cream (not sour cream) and panela cheese. A great antojito you can find at Cafe La Fuente, Ciudad del Carmen.

    The Pyramid of the Magician

    Growing up, my brother and I had endless fun climbing Mayan pyramids top to bottom acting out mock sacrifices. This was back in the day when they still permitted you to walk up the ruins. It was a giant playground. Over the years, we have visited the ruins of Uxmal many times. At the center of Uxmal is the structure in this photo which is named “The Pyramid of the Magician.” Most fascinating is the legend behind how this pyramid was built.

    The legend tells the story of a dwarf magician. It begins with an old woman who had no children. One day this woman found a very special egg. She covered the egg with a cloth and placed it in the corner of her house. The egg eventually hatched and a little boy lay beside it. The old lady was overjoyed and cared for the child as he grew up. The boy was very intelligent but one day the boy stopped growing. The mother however knew the boy was destined to become a great king regardless of his small stature. So the mother instructed the dwarf to go and challenge the king to prove his strength. After completing several challenges successfully, the king ordered him to construct a building taller than anything else in the city and if he failed, he would be executed. He ran home terrified of the impossible task ahead. To everyone’s surprise, the morning came and the dwarf had completed the task in only one night. What they saw was the pyramid in this photo, taller than anything they had ever seen before. Soon after, the dwarf was declared the new king of Uxmal. That is the legend behind el “Piramide del Adivino.”


    6 things you can find on a Mexican Snack Cart

    The Mexican snack cart. Tamarindo push candies, chiclets (gum), nance (the jar with yellow fruit in it), pepitas (roasted pumpkin seeds), chicharrones with chilli sauce (fried pig skin crisps), mango slices with lime and chilli powder. Que mas? What else is on this cart? My personal favorite in this photo are the “huayas” (the green round fruit on the right). Crack the outer green shell and throw the slimey ball into your mouth and you’ll get a sweet and sour treat. Basically a sour skittle in its natural form. If skittles grew on trees.

    Mexican snack cart with fruit, candies, chips and more

    Best ways to cool off in the summer

    When you just can’t beat the heat. You won’t find any air conditioning out here. This photo was taken in one of the most remote areas of Mexico I‘ve ever been to. Punta Allen is technically part of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere just south of the famous Mayan temples of Tulum. To get here, you have to navigate a narrow 40 mile unpaved stretch of road with ocean on either side. In rough conditions, you may as well turn your car around because you’ll never make it through the floods and natural potholes. If your lucky enough to get through, it’s another world on the other side. Electricity here runs on a generator and shuts down around 8:00pm leaving the sky crystal clear. I’ll share some follow up photos of Punta Allen but this one was just too good to pass up.

    Cooling off in the summer heat in Punta Allen Quintana Roo Mexico

    What is a Cenote?

    Over 15 years ago we visited this cenote named Ik Kil. It can be found near the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. If you have ever driven any long stretch of road in the Yucatan you should be familiar with cenotes as you can see signs for them all over the place. Sometimes you’ll see handmade signs on the side of road. If you dare follow them, it’s likely you’ll find yourself in someone’s private backyard where the ground gave way and a cenote was discovered. Over the years we have stumbled upon many amazing cenotes this way. The cenote in this photo, Ik Kil, reaches a depth of 130 feet and was once used for Mayan sacrifices and rituals. When it was first discovered, archaeologists found ancient jewelry and bone remains at the bottom. Would you swim in it?

    Ik Kil Cenote that you must visit in Yucatan Mexico Tour