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    Maca is devoted to improving the lives of families in Mexico's Yucatan area. Maca collaborates closely with an organization called Fundacion Cielo to provide continued support to this region of Mexico. Fundacion Cielo is "working to end the cycle of intergenerational poverty in the Yucatan by improving the health, education and leadership skills of the Yucatan People, one community at a time." Maca aligns itself with this mission and is giving $5 on every product purchased. 

    With your purchase, Maca will support specific projects they are working on. Currently Maca is supporting the construction of a community center in Teabo, Yucatan where many of our hammocks are made. The community center will host Fundacion Cielo's activities and programs. For example, Fundacion Cielo pairs high school students with nearby university students in order to provide support to those interested in continuing their education. Other programs target supplemental youth education, local health issues, and sport activities.

    With the new community center, Fundacion Cielo will always have available space to continue to grow its successful programs. They still need to raise an additional $50,000 to complete the first stage of their goal.

    With much love, 

    Maca Team